Union Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd has been a reputable manufacturer and entrepreneur of: Conveyors, Shelves, Coolers, Ventilation Fans, ... in the market for a long time.
With the striving efforts of the staffs, loving job, trained carefully in technique, profession and management capacity, the company has constantly improved the quality of products, created new, suitable models, and foreseen market demands, promptly served the development of modern industry.
The company is constantly expanding its relationship with all local and foreign economic sectors through joint ventures, associates to promote of product development, commodity exchange, and diversification of goods, ensure best product and service quality to satisfy customers’ needs.
With the desire to serve customers better, Union Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd, at all times, strives to perfect its production organization process, and improves product quality and has direction to expand production to produce more materials and equipment for construction mechanical industry.
The operational criterion of Union Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd is: "High quality products, improve customer value".